Biography Bags-4th quarter project

Every year each grade level has a special 4th quarter project they work on, and ours is called a BIO-BAG, which stands for biography bag.  This project requires reading a biography, completing a project on this person, and giving an oral presentation.  This project meets the language arts requirement for Illinois State Goal 5:  "Use the language arts to acquire, assess, and communicate information." 


Sixth grade requirements include:  1) read a biography book about a person who has been influential to society, either past or present, 2) find two other sources of information on this person, 3) complete a graphic organizer on what they learned, 4) create a "biography bag" ( brown lunch bag) about their person with symbol attached, 5) complete a citations/bibliography page with three sources, and 6) deliver an oral presentation about the person with information written on a notecard (attached to the bag).  


Assessment, evaluation and grades will be based on completion of the "biobag", graphic organizer, works cited page, and oral presentation.  This project will take about three weeks.  Some of the reading should be completed at home as part of the Language Arts class reading time requirement.  Library time is also available during lunches on some days.  Please check which days these are if you need additional reading or research time.  We will be going to the library two days to fulfill some of these needs.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school, or send a note with your child.  Thank you so much.  Below I have included some examples of student work from previous years.  They really do a great job!



 sacajewea   President Obama 

  Sacajewea                                                                                                        President Obama


Teddy Roosevelt and Paula Abdul   Albert Einstein

 Teddy Roosevelt and Paula Abdul                                                                         Albert Einstein



 Colonel Patton, ?, Thomas Edison, ?