Probe and Study Island Programs

In our classrooms we have been using a program called DEA/thinklink which is a neat and fun way to reinforce concepts in which kids still need help, or just a good review before a test.  What I like to do is use the data from the SRI (standard reading inventory), to evaluate what concepts students do well in and what concepts are still need to help them learn by re-teaching.  I have been able to create a Probe an/or quiz that allows me to choose the amount of questions, what types of questions, and whether or not the student could use games to help them achieve their goal.  Of course, allowing them to play games when they get a question right is definitely a great thing.  Each Quarter, I like to offer them a probe for extra credit and they do very well.  


Each time a probe is taken their password will change, and I will notify them, however, the web address will remain the same.   The address is

 (please click on the blue link)                    The latest password for them to enter under their name is: PZEH379651


Study Island, which is another computer-based program used to improve weak areas shown on other tests, is also ISAT based and follows mandated curriculum as does the DEA/think link probe.   I have each child entered from each class into this program.  I offer the different tests also as extra-credit and serve the same purpose as the probe.  Your student may log on at any time by typing in their student id@205, then typing their initials and grade level (ex.  JM7)